Vincent Mangematin


Vision and ambition
- Involving stakeholders and actors during the framing of research questions to gain relevance and serve economic actors in their strategic shaping
- High involvement in shaping research questions to influence the evolution of management research
- Maintaining high level of publications to legitimate research based interactions
Strategic Leadership
As Associate Dean for Research and member of the exec-committee, I have been designing and implementing the research strategy of the school: Engaging with actors to design research questions; define strategy for visibility; incentive scheme for supporting publications and creating a real culture of research through a rich intellectual life. GEM has a decent research track record.
Academic Leadership
During the last 10 years, I develop my academic leadership in three different ways: first of all, I choose emerging topics to propose special issues to leading journals (Research Policy, Journal of Technology Transfer, Technovation, amongst others). Second, I accept to serve as board member in Academic organization like EGOS, in large European project like Prime Network of Excellence and finally in boards of journals – associate editor in M@n@gement and Technovation, editorial board in Research Policy, Organization Studies and Long Range Planning up to 2014. In addition, I have been supervising PhD students and DBAs to share research based ways to enquire the world.
I published more than 70 papers in leading journals like SMJ, Research Policy, Small Business Economics, or JIBS, 2 edited books on trust (in French), and about 20 book chapters and articles in professional journals. He received more than 3,200 citations on Google Scholar, and more than 500 citations on Web of Science (Thompson).

Strategic Management - Emergent phenomenon - Health and wellness

Expériences professionnelles

Directeur délégué relation entreprise et recherche


De Janvier 2010 à Aujourd'hui

Associate dean for research


De Mars 2013 à Aujourd'hui

Management of Grenoble Ecole de Management Research: Visible, influential, connected and engaged research at GEM
- Different audiences : students, academia, firms, policy makers
- Different media: publications, workshop,
- Exec Ed, conferences, press, special issues, etc.
- Different measures: citations, centrality in small networks, participation in the definition of new research avenues
Stimulate intellectual life
- Scientific discussions and debates
- Working on real life problems with partners



De Janvier 2010 à Aujourd'hui

professor of strategic Management and Management of Innovation
Scientific advisor
Main areas of Interest: Business Model Innovation; Changing industry logics; New Industrial Organization; Public Research Sector Organisations. My main fields of interest are Nanotechnology, Biotechnologies; 4Ps medecine; Cultural Industries.
I am also working on the creation of knowledge in Business Schools and in business areas.

Invited honorary professor at dit


De Septembre 2008 à Aujourd'hui

As Invited professor, I am working with DIT faculties and I am co-supervising PhDs. I am mostly working on Principal Investigators as scientific entrepreneurs and on the relationship between subsidiaries and HQs in MNEs. I am also working with other Irish business schools in Meynooth, in Galway as well as Dublin (UCD and Trinity).

Honorary invited professor at cass business school


De Septembre 2005 à Aujourd'hui

Professor of Strategic Management and Management of Innovation. I am coordinating Research at Grenoble Ecole de Management.
I am involved in research with Pr Baden Fuller and his team on the emergence of new business models and on the design of Better Business Models.

Parcours officiels

E.N.S.E.T. – Économie et Gestion – Eco-gest (D2) – 1985