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Ludovic Leriche

Ludovic Leriche PhD - Sciences/Life Sciences/Biotech/Pharma – Program & Strategic Alliances Management


More than 20 years experience in R&D (>15 y post-doctoral) discovery, preclinical, evelopment and Strategy in Life sciences/Pharma/Biotechs (Neurosciences, ophthalmology, rare diseases, immunology, cancer) acquired in both academic and pharmaceutical industry. I have worked in governmental research institutions: ENS (4y) - INSERM & Univ. Paris Descartes (6y) - CEA (1y), and pharma industry: Pierre Fabre ( 7y several increasing position in R&D) and Roche/Genentech (4y as strategic alliance management).

Additionally a strong initial education in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry acquired at “Grandes Ecoles” preparatory Schools and Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris-Saclay, Sorbonne University, etc.

A global understanding of the drug development process from exploratory research, target identification and validation, screening, Med. Chem., clinical dev. & translational biomarkers, Medical affairs

Proven track record to set-up and and follow partnerships with Academics, Industries, CRO, etc., thanks to an open minded and curious for many Sciences, including deep fundamental research that could be redirected to applied biopharmaceutical sciences: Due diligences for Partnering with Genentech, , translational partnerships, fundamental partnerships; strong interaction with Medical Affairs and Clinical Research teams and Digital solution.

Collaboration with support function : legal -IP for contractual part, Communication for enhancing internal and external visibility, HR management of collaborators, team member for Med Affairs (MSL scientific advisor), and Clinical trial Marketing and Acces.

Management (Online and Project) and leadership experience acquired in academic and industrial international environments with particular agility in matrix organization and management.

Motivation for business-driven strategic partnerships since early stage of the Drug Discov. process and development to PhIV.

Specialties: Strategic Alliances and Partnering, R&D program management, exploratory research, target identification & validation, , drug dev. process (IMPD, IND, IB,...) Preclinical and clinical pharmacology (vivo, vitro silico), PK/PD, biomarkers, imaging, Strong interaction with Medical Affairs and Clinical research.

Expériences professionnelles

Phd life sciences - neurosciences

Sorbonne université , Paris

De Janvier 2018 à Aujourd'hui

Scientific alliances manager – neurosciences, ophthalmology and rare diseases

ROCHE - GENENTECH , Boulogne-billancourt - CDI de droit privé

De Janvier 2014 à Décembre 2017

Roche SAS & Roche Institute (Boulogne-Billancourt, France)
• Represents Roche’s R&D in France, is the key contact for every partnership and scientific collaboration, coming from French academic teams.
• Be the representative and referent of Genentech Research and Early Development in
France – Single entry window
• Identifies strategic R&D axes and is able to generate scientific projects with high value for the R&D
• Identifies the best of the French academic research to mutualize expertise and make Roche ‘s R&D progress worldwide.
• Network development and scientific assessment of external proposal as well
• Negotiation and execution of research agreements
• Evaluates, assures set-up and follow-up of scientific partnership according to procedures.
• Propose and promote creative ideas, innovation, and ensures they were implemented according to Roche’s ethic and rules and in collaborates with Legal Department.
• Ensures follow-up of scientific collaborations and efficient transfer to R&D teams.
• Guarantees good budget management for partnership.
• Collaborates with Communication Department to spread information on partnership to the general public and to Roche’s employees.
 One due diligence with Genentech BD and R&D teams for an innovative breakthrough approaches in pain treatment with 2 leads Small molecules and 1 mAb: 2 partnership agreements (Biotech + academics) for target validation, hit to lead and mAb synthesis  in discussion for licensing-in
Several scientific partnerships on-going with medical affair team and/or Genentech R&D on progress e.g. Preclinical models of MS and potential treatments (PhD program); new high resolution ultrasound functional imaging of brain, spine and eyes in rodents and monkey; PET&MRI Imaging in monkeys model of PD and AD for new tracers against proteins aggregate; Imaging and clinical studies (PET & MRI) in MS patients, New monocentric cohort of highly phenotyped early onset AD patients and related dementia (FTD, PSP, etc.) – imaging studies, clinical assessment and follow-up, psychological assessment of memory in multi-test battery, biobanking; New multicentric cohort of highly phenotyped patients with MS and migraine/pain – imaging study, pain assessment by QST, immunological testing(lymphocytes typing), biobanking.
 Full set-up of a sponsorship of the Strasbourg Univ. Foundation  General Secretary of the “Roche Fund for Research”  3 high-level scientific project at the first call:

Research scientist -> project leader & senior scientist team leader -> r&d project manager

Pierre Fabre laboratories , Toulouse - CDI de droit privé

De Septembre 2006 à Décembre 2013

Psychiatry and Neurology Research Department and Pierre Fabre Development, Pierre Fabre Research Institute (Castres – Toulouse, France)
• Leader of a neuroscience team for the investigation and characterization of new
molecules, with special focus on therapeutic efficacy models, mechanistic studies and biomarkers to support PK/PD relationships.
• Drug Discovery Project Leader (“hit to lead, lead optimization, lead to candidate”):
matrix management of scientists from different area e.g. Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacology, Cellular and Molecular Biology, early DMPK/Tox, CROs.: one molecule now in clinical dev. at the end of PhI, support of efficacy and mechanism of a molecule in PhII.
• Development Team Member: collaboration and strong involvement in project management
for preclinical development, clinic, regulatory and pharmaceutical affairs, marketing…. Scientific coordinator of internal and external preclinical research. Steering partnership of preclinical and clinical neuroimaging studies (PET, Columbia Univ. NYC)
• Scientific forecast and competitive intelligence, strategic foresight: positioning of our compounds in the competitive environment (e.g. NDA review, on-going clinical Trials of competitor, Market); decision support for development and strategy, data synthesis with focus on DMPK & Tox; Participation in the preparation of regulatory documents (IMPD, IB); proposal and coordination of academic partnerships and CRO.
• Since beginning of 2013, responsible for assessing licensing-in opportunities for the Central Nervous System
Dept.: prospection for products in early stages: internal research portfolio management needs analysis, synthesis of external files, reports and proposals.

Research scientist - post-doctoral fellow

Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique , Orsay - CDD

De Janvier 2006 à Août 2006

Isotopic Imagery Biology and Pharmacology Unit, Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) (Orsay, France). – Advisor: Dr P. HANTRAYE
• Application of Positron Emission Tomographie (PET) neuroimaging after of gene therapy: preclinical proof of concept in a
model of Parkinson’s disease - now moved to PhI/II (Oxford Biomedica - Prosavin®): PET experiments, image analysis, behavior, pharmacology and PharmacoKinetic/Pharmaco-Dynamic (PK/PD).
• Collaboration with Deniz KIRIK and Anders BJÖRKLUND teams, Lund University, Lund,
Sweden and Marie-Claude GREGOIRE, ANSTO, Australia.
• Definition, implementation and following of European Project and grant (FP6)

Normalien - élève fonctionnaire stagiaire

Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris Saclay , Cachan - Fonctionnaire

De Septembre 1996 à Août 2000

Formations complémentaires


Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Sorbonne Université - Life Sciences - Neurosciences

2001 à 2005


Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris - Saclay - Molecular Chemical Physics

1996 à 2000

Master of Advanced Studies (Msc)

Paris sud University - Paris Saclay University - Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology

1999 à 2000


Lycée Pierre de Fermat - Mathématiques Supérieures et Spéciales P'

1994 à 1996

Parcours officiels

E.N.S. Cachan – Chimie – Chim (A''2) – 1996


drug discovery
Drug development
rare diseases
pharmaceutical industry
Life sciences
competitive intelligence
in vivo, in vitro, in silico
Research and Development (R&D)
Project Management
Matrix management
management de l'innovation
Accompagnement du changement
Accompagnement d'entreprises (start-up)
Microsoft suite
Merger and acquisition
Business development
Clinical Trials
Regulatory guidelines
neurodegenerative diseases
innovation management
Chgange management
Intelectual property
Cross-functional Team Leadership
Problem Solving
team working
Team Leadership
Alliances stratégiques
Pharmacological research
Translational Medicine
Biomarker Discovery
Digital medecine
Therapeutic area
Global strategy
Market acces
Communication interne et externe

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